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Retainers in Stony Brook

Those patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment have already gone through a lot of time, trouble, possible discomfort and money to get an even, perfect smile with straight teeth. Now that you have that perfect smile how do you make sure that you keep it? The answer is Stony Brook retainers. The proper, prescribed use of a retainer is the way to ensure that your newly evened bite stays that way. Retainers prevent the teeth from moving slightly or even shifting back to their former positions. Straight Smiles Orthodontics makes the clear plastic retainers to fit snugly over the teeth to prevent their movement. The retainers are invisible so no one knows you are wearing them.

Stony Brook retainers can be removable or fixed. The removable version maybe more comfortable for eating and tooth brushing but requires more care and a commitment to wearing them in the prescribed manner. The length of time the retainer will have to be used varies with the individual case. Our doctor will give you detailed instructions as to the use and care of the retainer. Basically, retainers are to be worn at all times other than those times instructed by the doctor such as eating or swimming. Whenever the retainer is not being worn it should be put back into its case, this helps prevent it from being lost or damaged. If anything happens to the retainer please call our office immediately.

Some patients when initially using their Stony Brook retainers may find it hard to speak clearly. Your speech will return to normal as your mouth gets used to the retainer. You can speed up this process by practicing speaking or reading out loud or even singing. If the problem persists or you feel the retainer slipping when you talk call our office right away as your retainer may need adjusting. Never try to adjust the retainer yourself. With proper care your retainer should last for a very long time, usually longer than you’ll need to use it. If you are having any problems or questions about retainer or any other part of the orthodontic process please call our office.

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