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Stony Brook Orthodontics

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The completion of treatment to straighten teeth is a wonderful moment of accomplishment for your child. He or she now has a more attractive, properly aligned smile. It’s important to maintain the results, though, and sometimes that requires the use of a retainer for a period of time. At Straight Smiles Orthodontics, it is our priority to take the needed measures and precautions to ensure that the time, effort, and investment put into her or his orthodontic care has not been in vain.

Prior to wearing braces, your child’s teeth may have been crooked, poorly positioned, crowded, or in other states that were less than ideal. First of all, it is hard to floss effectively between teeth that are misaligned, and that creates and environment in which tooth decay and gum disease is more likely to occur. Furthermore, your child’s smile may cause him or her to feel self-conscious or awkward. The solution offered by our Stony Brook orthodontics is the steady and gradual repositioning of those teeth. But even when she or he has a more perfect set of teeth, there is an initial tendency for teeth to shift back into their previous position. That is certainly an alarming thought, but it is not a threat in the long term. Retainers are a key feature of our Stony Brook orthodontics. In many cases, they only have to be worn at night, while your child sleeps, in order to provide the necessary benefits. Some kids do have to wear them during the day, but unlike braces they are not very noticeable. They are made of transparent plastic.

Our Stony Brook orthodontics are designed not just for providing results now, but for the future, too. So consult with us about any issues that will have a positive impact on your child’s tooth alignment. Make an appointment for her or him right now.

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